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Making changes

The changes that I did to my Wix page were the header and my resume page. For the header of my page I made sure all the words were all the same letter case For my resume page I made sure to move the resume title to the top center of the page and change the font to match the titles of the other pages. Next I created a communication skills section that lists the skills i posses for a Job in communications. After that I made sure the fonts of all the text on the page matched so that everything was consistent. I made these changes because I needed to add more content to my resume and to make the fonts more consistent.

I still not sure if I've gotten more confident with my online presence. this is still pretty new to me. Creating my own web page will definitely be something that I will have to get used to. I've had many different social network accounts but I can't say that I'm active online on a regular bases.

I feel like the awareness of my digital presence is still developing at this stage. I still learning about what it means to have a digital presence on the internet. The question I have about the eportfolio project is what is a good way to develop a digital presence for myself.

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